Cosplayers, scouts, train activities, financial education and more!

Scouting zone booths


Aloha Council BSA (Booth 14)

Scouting Hawaii, BSA now offers our life-changing programs for all youth, boys and girls, ages 5 to 20. Come by the Scouting Zone to learn more and enjoy activities for the whole family like a flight simulator, stomp rockets, slime making, and some really cool science crafts!

Financial zone booths


DCCA-OSC (Booth TZ15-16)

DCCA Office of the Securities Commissioner will promote LifeSmarts and Investor Education Program. We will have FREE materials, booklets and giveaways for the students as well as adults, plus an interactive game to test their consumer and financial knowledge.

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) (Booth TZ15-8)

DCCA will offer information on consumer protection issues and have activities for students to learn about protecting their money.

Roaming zone booths


Cosplayers (Kanaina Building)

Costuming as superhero characters so the public can take pictures of us near the stages. We will be going to one of four stages as we are scheduled to make an appearance.

Intergroup Social Perception Lab (NA-NA)

We are a child development lab at UH Manoa where we are interested in what children think about the social world around them! We play games with children in our lab at UH Manoa, where, after playing our game, children get to pick out prizes to take home. We will be walking around talking to parents about our research and with sign up sheets for parents who are interested in being on our listserv! We look forward to seeing you at Children and Youth day!

International Hospitality Center

International Hospitality Center (IHC) exchange participants will share information about the organization (passing out flyers), and about their individual country/culture.

Island Girl Face Art (NA)

Strolling Face Painting and Glitter Faces Strolling Balloons.

Rail & Transportation zone booths


Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (Booth CO1)

Fun train activities! Magnetic blocks to build trains. And a LEGO train set for you to watch.